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My experience

My main role at Warhorse is combat animator. That means being involved in designing animation systems for combat, supervising mocap sessions with fencers or acting out the animations myself, delivering animations for combat and guiding the rest of the team in terms of combat animation production.


As a scrum master I lead the daily stand-up meetings and help my lead animator with work distribution among our team. I also support the other animators in terms of giving feedback, troubleshooting and helping out with the technical side of 3D animations.


The rest of my work also includes animating for cutscenes and scripted secuences, help with setting up pipelines, and occassionally plugging the animations into our animation engine.

2015 - present

From 2015 I started taking up some freelance animation work. I work with the team at Outsource2us to deliver high quality animations on time. The animations are mostly for in-game cutscene purposes, but I worked on game animations as well.

2K Czech - Mafia 3

2011 - 2014

At 2K Czech I started out as a Motion Capture technician, setting up recording sessions and cleaning the raw data. I then moved up through the role of Junior Animator to finally becoming a regular Animator in a team responsible for player movement and actions.


As part of this team our task was to facilitate the transition from an old engine to a new one. My role was to produce the necessary animations and work with the rest of the team in laying down the foundations for features such as covers, ranged and hand-to-hand combat.

My education

Animation Mentor

2012 - 2013

At Animation Mentor I studied the Character Animation program. This helped me improve my skills in animating body-mechanics, acting and facial animations. Also one of my most treasured skills I learned at AM was giving and recieving critique.


My mentors came from game as well as feature animation background, which helped me try out different techniques and workflows and to set the basis for developing my own workflow.


I finished my studies by collaborating with 9 other students under the direction of John Nguyen on a short movie called Lost. This short sadly never reached a stage of being lit and rendered, but I learned many lessons during the storyboarding, layout and animation stages of the production.

I studied Classical Animation at Tomas Bata University in Zlin. There we learned the traditional techniques with a special focus on stop-motion puppet animation. Other subjects included drawn and cut-out animation, film language and also the introduction to CG effects.


My bachelor movie project was a CG cut-out animated music video, called Pandora's Machine. I wrote a thesis on interactivity in film and television and was awarded the title of Bachelor of Arts.

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